Our Team

Matt Ball

Matt is a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Psychotherapist, Trainer and Co-Director at the HUMANE Clinic. He is interested in 'psychosis' and trauma and human to human responses to personal distress and meaning. Matt Was awarded 2017 Australia Mental Health Nurse of the Year for his work in this area.

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Oryx Cohen

Oryx Cohen is the Chief Operating Officer of The National Empowerment Center, as well as a Co-Producer and Subject of the Award-Winning Social Action documentary HEALING VOICES.  He is also a Writer, Emotional CPR Trainer, and Hearing Voices Trainer.

PJ Moynihan

PJ Moynihan is the Founder/CEO of Digital Eyes Film (Northampton, MA USA), an EMMY-Nominated Producer, and Award-Winning Writer/Director.  He is the Director/Producer of HEALING VOICES, as well as the forthcoming documentary RECOVERING ADDICTION.

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Stephanie Mitchell

Stephanie is a Co-Director of the HUMANE Clinic and a Psychotherapist and Trainer who specializes in working with complex trauma and 'psychosis'. Stephanie has extensive experience facilitating therapeutic groups and is interested in how healing occurs in the space of human connection.

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Bernadette Maywald


Claire McClorey


Kane Spooner

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