All Re-Awaken workshops, projects and community forums will be focused on empowering conference participants to take home tangible tools, skills, learning and connections that enable them to continue the work of change in their own communities. We'll do this through conversation rather than didactic learning. Each participant will be offered the chance to learn Just Listening, Group facilitation and other multi-sensory, meaningful activities to take these community connection tools home with them.


The Rally will be the culmination of our intention to bring together community for action. The day of action will host a Rally to visit:

Glenside Hospital to promote the value and importance of reawakening to personal narratives, connection and social action by all towards change in mental health systems; Tandanya (National Aboriginal Cultural Institute) to acknowledge the Kaurna people as the traditional custodians of the Adelaide Region and pay respects to elders past present and emerging. Recognizing first nation people across the world is primary value in the concept of Re-Awakening – we can re-awaken to what is already known for learning in the now; Parliament Steps in Adelaide - inviting all people in marginalized groups to congregate and celebrate person and collective power in connection in highlighting issues of social inequity and the need for change in how we understand mental health, trauma and addiction as interruptions in compassion and connection.


Just Listening - Community listening project

What Is Community Listening? Just listening will seek to re-awaken to the value of compassionate listening. Short workshops in the Just Listening approach will invite all attendees to brush up on listening skills and take them back to their communities to create intentional ‘Just Listening’ spaces in our streets, communities, work places and anywhere where just listening can be of value to a person. The approach is developed by Humane Clinic with collaboration for a range of community members.


Group Facilitation

Introduction workshops for any Re-Awaken community member to explore hosting a facilitated support group, recovery group or hearing voices group in their own community.



Re-Awaken has the incredible opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in the use of media as a mechanism for changing conversations, supporting connection and collaboration on individual needs and wider issues of social change. Developing skills and understanding the impact of media in health change can be supportive in supporting the Re-Awaken community in maintaining connection to one another and developing this approach in wider communities.



We are seeking to build community conversations and connection over 5 days of interactive workshops. We will bring together people who are actively working towards change at the grass roots level and find ways to support each other through listening and sharing of ideas. Social change occurs through connection, education and empowerment of those that have been previously been disempowered. It is our goal to approach change through these three threads.

Workshops and Forums

All Keynote presentations and workshops will be offered in a dialogical format placing the focus on sharing our knowledge and vision. Twice daily we will hold community forums to bring together ideas from within the conference community, and vision boards will be posted in the main conference area to share ideas and feedback.

Film screenings

Each evening we will host a film screening and community discussion about alternative approaches to understanding distress and navigating recovery. These films include, Healing Voices, Crazy Wise, and Recovery Addiction. The film producer of each film will present their passion and mission that lead them to this journey.

Community conversations

Believing that change occurs within communities of mutual support and influence we hope to provide spaces for the conference community to move together towards meaningful and tangible outcomes that we can each take home to our own communities at the end of the conference. We also hope to empower people to stay connected within the communities they create at the conference, to continue to build momentum for change and social support.

Community led pop-up workshops

Community members will be invited share their dreams, visions and plans over lunch, in sessions, and in break times and where an idea has momentum we will invite people to present this in a pop-up workshop. These workshop ideas will be posted on a white board each morning with the time and place of the workshop so conference members can select which workshop they wish to attend. Group facilitators will be available to assist community members with ideas to share in holding a dialogical space during the pop-up workshops.



The Meaning Manual

A Re-Awaken Community art project, led by peer worker Jane Ellis throughout the week, will transform old DSM’s through the use of Art.

The Meaning Manual will capture the personal stories and meanings behind our human distress and ‘re-write’ the DSM to be a manual for individual meaning around what it is to be human in all its joys and sorrows.


Turning Point multi-media digest

Inspired by peer worker Ross Marshall, the Turning Point digest will collect Re-Awaken community members stories about a moment when change began on their journey. Turning Point will be presented in written and digital media formats as an outcome of Re-Awaken.

Re-Awaken Community Manifesto

This document will bring together the themes of the Reawaken community in a collaborative declaration of need for change towards connection compassion and social action as a public health priority in Mental Health, Trauma and Addiction.




Embracing collective narratives

Collective narratives are important given the collective trauma that communities have experienced. First nation people all over the world continue to experience the collective impact of trauma through colonisation and un-safe cultural environments and practices. Embracing collective narratives can be a powerful tool for individuals and groups in recovering from trauma and in turn mental health and addiction. As we learn from the swarms of stories that make up our lives and and find our individual and collective meanings we find empowerment. Re-Awaken will seek to build and maintain community through all workshops, panels and community conversations as we connect to old narrative and find new narratives that allow growth and recovery. Understanding mental health, trauma and addiction through collective narratives is an important part of understanding the origins of distress and how we might learn from our past and current survival towards connection, compassion and recovery. Matt Ball will offer a Key note workshop on the Dissociachotic explanatory framework that places the problem in the ownership of the supporter or community and not the person and necessitates understanding the collective narratives that can be healing, but also those that can continue to cause distress.


Connection communities

Community vital in recognising the potential for change. Communities of people labelled with mental health, addictions and those that have experienced trauma in many different forms are often marginalised and isolated as part of the labelling and experiences of trauma. Supporting connection across the communities is a simple, but powerful, mechanism for change in the way any individual can chose how they make sense of their own world.


Evidence base

s a story that travels through public health and social community need based structures, but what of the evidence? Moving away from evidence that supports systems and structures, Re-Awaken is grateful to hearing form a workshop speaker – Dr Kath Moores who will bring evidence about the impact of trauma for an individual and how this is experienced as a mental health or addiction need.


Wounded healers

The Wounded Healer has its origins in Greek mythology and the psychological theory of Carl Jung. Much can be drawn from understanding a person's ‘introversion' as a way of connecting and looking inside themselves, and as a valuable part of their journey of offering support to another. This concept very much offers consistency with the value of peers and lived experience in the role of supporting another person on their journey. Oryx Cohen will offer a Key note workshop on the “The Wisdom of Wounded Healers”.